About Us

Molten Mango is an imaginative and enthusiastic team, developing a range of neat and entertaining apps, as well as the odd ‘left of field’ app.

We also produce and publish a selection of elegant and delightful ePubs now available through major ePub stores and devices.


We have funky apps evolving in our creative zoo for all the things we think are important – from special interests apps to unusual recipes you won’t find in magazines or on TV. We are devising apps to make some sense of life’s little insanities and apps that’ll do something else when we get to think of it.


We love to read when we get a spare moment… on planes, trains, in coffee shops and, well, you get the idea. We also like a good story and that’s why we’re sharing them. So, visit our ePub page for a diverse range of interesting and well-designed ePubs from a variety of already published Authors. We make sure our ePubs are a great reading experience.