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Do you ever have a question pop up while you are on the run, then you get distracted and later you’re left with a sense like you’ve forgotten something? Perhaps there’s a question too hard to ask your friends and you choose to not know the answer rather than suffer any embarrassment. Well, you don’t have to be in this position ever again!

Get Answers is a brilliant and stylish way to get quick answers to just about any question… whether it be for general interest, trivia, settling an argument or when doing a cryptic crossword. But, where do you look? Google™?®? Yahoo®Answers? Where? Get Answers gives you fast and easy access to all these resources at your fingertips.

Get Answers distils the results from several resources and presents the best answers for your questions. We do this by aggregating across several answer databases for improved accuracy. Get Answers uses more sources to satisfy your burning questions and you can then share your ah-ha’s via iMessage (SMS or MMS), email, on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Get Answers provides 3 skin settings so you can personalize your app interface. More skins to come.

Get Answers also lets you store your favorite answers for instant reference later.

During our prototyping, we showed Get Answers to our friends and almost always they got cheeky and asked the most ridiculous questions they could think of… and accordingly got ridiculous answers. Still, don’t let us stop you. Go ahead and ask!  Ask about Life the Universe and Everything… a general knowledge question… and don’t forget to have some harmless fun!™ and® are both registered trademarks of Answers.Com

Google™ is a registered trademark of Google.

Yahoo®Answers is a registered trademark of Yahoo.

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