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Special notes for upgrading from version 1.0 to version 1.1

  • Install HyperLink update (from your iPad or through iTunes)
  • Launch HyperLink
  • Swipe to the bottom of the Side Bar and select Terminal
  • You will be asked whether you would like to connect, select Yes
  • The Login & Connect window will appear
  • Change your user name (second field) to “abc” (this is a temporary change, you will not need to use this user name after the initial set up)
  • The Notice of User Name Change! warning will appear, select Yes
  • The Login & Connect window will appear and you will be prompted to re-enter your Host / IP, username and password details for your computer.  Please refer to the Getting Started section of this user guide if you need help with this process
  • When you have connected to your computer, select your iPad Folder in the Side Bar. Any files which you had in your iPad Folder of HyperLink version 1.0 should now be showing in your iPad Folder of HyperLink version 1.1
  • If you have any questions about this process, please email us at support@moltenmango.com

At last, an app that gives you remote offline search-ability of your Mac’s content from your iPad… HyperLink lets you remotely search for files on your Mac, system-wide  - online or offline! Offline? Yes! Offline!

You may be thinking you’ve seen this before; ‘Just another clumsy remote desktop tool or a file access app that can’t search’. Most apps that connect with your Mac are limited to desktop clients that require you to be permanently online while using the app. Hyperlink changes all of that…

Familiar Interface and Search

HyperLink empowers you to search your Mac’s content – including email attachments and external storage media – with a familiar and easy to navigate interface, whether you’re online or offline and even if your Mac is asleep or awake. After you have completed the indexing process you can search and view your files, watch movies, look at photos and even browse the Internet on the in-app mini browser. Perfect for accessing information on the fly.

Viewing your search results is easy. To open a file for the first time, you need to be online. Double-tapping the file’s icon automatically downloads/copies the file to a storage feature on your iPad. From here, you can also launch these files in Third Party apps installed on your iPad, which support those file types.

HyperLink displays typical authentic icons to identify file types before you download them. When a file is downloaded, its generic icon identifier typically becomes a preview, giving you easy, at-a-glance recognition of where you are and what you’re looking at. Intuitive navigation. By the way, your email attachments are considered just another file source in HyperLink… however, indexing your mail attachments is generally an overnight affair.

Do Things with your Files

A downloaded file stored in HyperLink’s local storage can be viewed offline or opened in a suitable Third Party app for editing. When you’re back online, you can send the edited file via email, Bluetooth or WiFi using HyperLink or from the Third Party app’s connectivity services. You can also rename your file directly in HyperLink to keep track of its changes. Molten Mango designed Hyperlink to enhance and work with other great productivity apps.

The in-app Clipboard stores up to 3 files from anywhere on your Mac or in HyperLink, and you can redirect these Clipboard files elsewhere on your Mac… or within HyperLink by simply dragging and dropping. The Clipboard is also used for sending files using HyperLink’s WiFi Tree, which can connect up to 5 additional iPads simultaneously.

Drop Box

Hyperlink gives you online access and integration with your Dropbox. In addition, Hyperlink automatically creates a Hyperlink Folder in your Mac’s Dropbox Folder. This particular folder is mirrored on your iPad and its contents are viewable when you are offline.

A Second Screen and Launch Pad!

Use HyperLink as a second screen to launch or close apps on your Mac or flick a file from your iPad’s viewing pane to your desktop.

HyperLink’s Finder-like interface lets you find files while working in a desktop application that dominates your screen’s real estate – anywhere on any disk, USB flash drive or storage media attached to your Mac. Copy and move files anywhere around your Mac from HyperLink by dragging and dropping them from one location to another in the Side Bar or to the Clipboard in the Tool Bar. Files can also be copied to HyperLink’s local storage for use off-line or to send by email, or through a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

You can view your files as icons, in a list or in an iTunes-like cover flow as well as order your files by Name, Kind, Date Modified and Created or Size. You can get info on a file and easily identify its path – just like in the Finder on your OS X Machine. You can also delete files from your iPad. Deleting a file on your Mac from HyperLink will place the file in the MacTrash (where it can be recovered, if need be, when you return to your Mac later).

And for the Power Users

For the more tech savvy users, HyperLink also has Terminal for remote command line control of your Mac. Only use this feature if you know what you’re doing!

We are excited to share HyperLink with you now. It comes to you without the full feature set we have in mind and at a price that won’t stay low for long. So, get involved and get it now, let us know what you think and what features you’d like to see. 

To contact us, please visit our website http://www.moltenmango.com/contact.php

Coming Soon:

Hyperlink currently does all it’s work without a Mac Helper App. Molten Mango will soon release an iPhone version and Mac Indexing Helper App for fast indexing and... wait for it, indexed file previews just like in your Mac!


* Please note: Indexing is critical to the HyperLink experience. The initial indexing process, which is manually initiated in the Settings, will take an hour or more for a very large Mac System. Indexing Mail Attachments is best done overnight to avoid frustration and unhealthy staring at the rotating symbol on the screen. Please be patient and you will be rewarded. Further indexing is incremental and very quick. HyperLink uses its indexed data for your offline searches.

Systems supported:

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

File Sizes for Download

Copying files to a storage feature on your iPad  has a 30Mb max per file. Larger files can be downloaded using iTunes or a web browser like Safari.


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